Dear Artists & Friends,

Dear Artists & Friends,

Welcome to my Art Blog for Artists, Aspiring Artists and Friends,

Follow along on my personal art journey.  I’ve been an artist most of my life and painting for 20 years now.  Recently I’ve chosen to step out of my comfort zone and use a completely different palette than I am used to using.  I have started doing some new works using a bold palette after taking an online course. This blog today is about being COURAGEOUS with your art! What do I mean by that? 

  • Do something new or use a new tool in your art bag every day. 
  • Paint or Draw something that is a challenge for you.  It could be a face/portrait, hands, etc.  Whatever that thing is that you avoid when creating your work force yourself to practice that one thing that you try to avoid and do it daily.

Why do this? Over time you will see an improvement in the area you struggle with and it will not only help your work, but give you the confidence to take it further.  

If this sounds more like a life skill than an art skill….it’s both.  I went back to college in my 40’s and received my M.S. in Psychology when I was 50!  Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!!  I’m doing the same thing now with my art.  The last time I had an “art class” was when I was in high school.  There I was fortunate to attend a high school that allowed me to major in art.  I did that for three years and received an excellent foundation.  Now, I’m taking online art courses at night (I work full-time from home right now), painting daily in my new studio in the afternoons and pushing more out to my social media channels on a regular basis.  

I challenge you to:

  • Choose one new color to add to your artwork today….a color you don’t normally use.
  • Choose a new subject to work on.  If you are a landscape painter, paint a figure and vice versa. 
  • Share your work on social media.  Share your progress with other artists.  You can join in this art journey blog and post your comments here. 

Above is a recent self-portrait using a more bod color palette than just skin tones.  Not as bold as I want to be, but getting there and getting braver in my work everyday. 

Follow along with me on this journey and share your journey as well.  I have some special surprises planned once we are free of this virus threat! Stay safe, everyone!!



Connecticut artist with over 20 years of painting experience. Lisa has sold over 1,000 paintings to date and she has exhibited her work in a number of galleries, shops, and restaurants. She attends area art fairs and she offers a limited number of commissions. She is known for her impressionistic style and her "Girls from Behind" collection is her most popular to date.

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