Plein Air Work

Hello Fellow Artists & Friends,

I am excited to share that I am taking some Plein Air painting lessons and will be painting on location over the next couple of months to improve my work!  My first painting lesson was early this week 7/20/2020 and my instructor is Linda S. Marino, check out her artwork here:  and soon I will be joining her at some of the Madison Art Society for their paint outs.   I may be doing one early next week with the Lyme Art Association Plein Air paint outs.

I went to the Florence Griswold Museum last week and took some photographs of the landscape.  I painted this one from one of those photographs, but used what I learned in my first lesson with Linda and I can already see an improvement in my work.  I can’t wait to continue my lessons!

She advised that I mix my own colors to get more accurate green tones and I did and I must say I like the colors as they are much closer to natural shades.

Happy painting, everyone!




Connecticut artist with over 20 years of painting experience. Lisa has sold over 1,000 paintings to date and she has exhibited her work in a number of galleries, shops, and restaurants. She attends area art fairs and she offers a limited number of commissions. She is known for her impressionistic style and her "Girls from Behind" collection is her most popular to date.

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