Connecticut contemporary artist currently working in academic drawing & oil painting. 

Stay tuned for a list of upcoming art exhibitions starting in the Fall of 2022! I’m very exited to begin showing my work after a few years of taking a break from shows.  I have been focusing on my oil work (landscapes, figures & portraits), but haven’t participated in shows regularly for a few years.  I’m looking forward to getting back out there exhibiting again!

Self-portrait with Lieutenant River in the background painted July 2022. 




First copy of a drawing by Deane G. Keller from his Draftsman's Handbook, Jan.2022

Welcome to my Online Art Studio

For the most up-to-date paintings, drawings visit my Instagram page!

You can also view many of my works here on my website in the Gallery link.  I do some form of art every day and take continuing education classes in art whenever time permits.  I’ve taken classes at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art, Mystic Museum of Art, and the Lyme Art Association.  I’ve taken lessons with Hollis Dunlap, Jerry Weiss, Jack Montmeat, Diana Buitrago and Linda Marino over the years and I also do a lot of Plein air painting and drawing!

Thank you for stopping by to view my art and if you see something you’d like to purchase, email me at  See my “Meet the Artist” page to learn more about my art journey.