A recent work above, “Old Soul”, Oil on Stretched Canvas created December 2021

Artist Statement

Connecticut contemporary artist currently studying formal academic drawing & oil painting.

“My work is a blend of the past and the present, combining old souls in contemporary visions.  Recent work combines traditional figurative and portrait work with expressive use of design elements.  My work is always evolving.” ~ L.M.Sanders 

Artist Bio

L.M.Sanders began working in oils during the pandemic of 2020.  She has been a professional artist for 20 years working mainly in acrylics.  She became known for her loose impressionistic style, working mainly in figures wearing white dresses and almost always seen walking away from the viewer.   That style and composition resonated with collectors and during 2000 – 2007 she sold about 800 of them.  She has sold over 1,000 paintings to date.  You can view some of these figures on her “Sold Works” page. 

In 2012 she did start to exhibit her work again and you could find her work in local restaurants and shops. 

Lisa had formal training in high school. She went through the Norwich Free Academy art program and majored in art.  That was many years ago, she returned to her roots if you will, in 2020 and took plein air oil painting, landscape, and figure painting/drawing lessons. She has taken lessons with established artists, Hollis Dunlap, Jerry Weiss, and Jack Montmeat. She likes their academic, traditional approach to their teachings and thier own experience with the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.  In 2021, Lisa took more art classes at the Lyme Academy of fine Arts, Mystic Museum of Art and more from a couple of the above mentioned artists!  

In the summer of 2021, Lisa began working for the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT and you can view her bio about her role here   In her role she works with area businesses as a Business Services Representative where she assists businesses with various grants offered (On the Job Training (OJT), etc.  She serves as the Job Developer for the Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative and enjoys working with the graduates to assist them in job placements.  Her former HR career and M.S. in Organizational Behavior serves her well in this role!  

Her art pursuits happen in the evenings and weekends, and she plans to continue her art lessons in 2022.  She had several of her plein air paintings selected by the CT Plein Air Society in 2020 for a show and hasn’t entered any shows since, but that is her goal for 2022.  

ARTIST MEMBERSHIPS: Lyme Art Association, Mystic Art Association, American Women Artists, CT Plein Air Society

2021 Art created in Classes

Art Classes & Workshops | 2020, 2021, 2022

2nd model, Jerry Weiss Figure Painting Class, Fall 2021
2nd model, Jack Montmeat Fall Portrait Drawing Class, 2021
1st model, Jack Montmeat Fall Portraig Drawing Class, 2021


Figure Painting at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art with Jerry Weiss – Feb. (22)

Figure Drawing at the Mystic Museum of Art with Jack Montmeat – Jan. (22)


Figure Painting at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art with Jerry Weiss – Fall (21)- Winter (22)

Portrait Drawing at the Mystic Museum of Art with Jack Montmeat – Fall 21 


Plein Air painting lessons with Linda S. Marino July, 2020 – Aug, 2020

Landscape & Figure painting lessons with Hollis Dunlap Summer 2020 – Fall 2020

Figure & Portrait Class (Charcoal and/or Oils) with Jack Montmeat- Fall 2020

1st model, Hollis Dunlap Painting Figure Painting Class,Summer 2020
2nd model, Hollis Dunlap Figure Painting Class, Summer 2020
3rd model, Hollis Dunlap Figure Painting Class, Summer 2020
Linda Marino Plein Air Painting Lesson, Summer 2020

Figure, portrait drawing class with Jack Montmeat, Summer 2020

Article about my paintings & article about my sculpted dolls in store fronts many years ago!

Early 2000 - 2007 paintings sold in every state and in several countries-over 800+ on Ebay alone!