Art on the business card is currently on display in New York City at Six Summit Gallery. 


L.M.Sanders began working in oils during the pandemic of 2020.  She has been a professional artist for 20 years working mainly in acrylics.  She became known for a loose style working mainly in figures wearing dresses and almost always seen walking away from the viewer.   That style and composition resonated with collectors and during 2000 – 2007 she sold about 800 of them.  She has sold over 1,000 paintings to date.

She went back to school and received her master’s in organizational psychology in 2015 and from 2010- 2020 she worked as a Human Resources Professional serving several companies and formed her own consulting business in 2017 ( 

In 2012 she did start to exhibit her work again and you could find her work in local restaurants and shops. 

However, it was not until the pandemic hit in 2020 that she decided to make a change and return to her love of art.  She chose to pursue formal training again.  She had formal training in high school. She went through the Norwich Free Academy art program and majored in art. So, she returned to her roots if you will, in 2020 and took oil painting landscape and figure art lessons with local established artists.

She also took a bold color painting course online and that has influenced her bold painting collection.  

In 2021, she will pursue more Plein air painting and she’ll continue to create her bold color paintings.  She will continue to exhibit her work in galleries and local venues. 

Art Memberships | 2020

Art Classes & Workshops | 2020

Lyme Art Association | Plein Air Paint Outs

Madison Art Association | Plein Air Paint Outs

Plein Air painting lessons with Linda S. Marino July, 2020 – Aug, 2020

Art Lessons – Video’s from Lyme Art Academy | Jerry Weiss, Don Demers & Zufar Bikbov, Jacqueline Jones & Eileen Eder Aug 2020

Landscape & Figure painting lessons with Hollis Dunlap Aug 2020 – Oct 2020

Figure & Portrait Class (Charcoal and/or Oils) with Jack Montmeat

Article about my paintings & article about my sculpted dolls in store fronts many years ago!

Early 2000 - 2007 paintings sold in every state and in several countries-over 800+ on Ebay alone!